General Terms & Conditions V.14 -16/08/2021


01.1. Sogno di Tolosa Ltd (SDT) is a company duly registered on 29 September 2011 under the laws of Malta, with Company Registration No. C53981 and having its registered office at Integritas Group – The Brewhouse, Mdina Road, CBD, Zone 2, Birkirkara CBD2010, Malta, E-mail: [email protected], Tel.: +35627827701, Fax: +44 2079907818. SDT operates under License No. MGA/B2C/215/2011, Type 1 Gaming Services (Casino) and Type 2 Gaming Services (Fixed Odds Betting), issued on the 20/08/2012 by Malta Gaming Authority. This public regulatory body is responsible for the governance of all forms of gaming based in Malta. Find out more about the MGA at

01.2. This agreement lays down all terms and conditions between SDT and a person that registers for a player’s Account (the “Account”) at SDT. Acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions is obligatory prior to opening an Account at SDT. A player is obliged to follow and comply to all General Terms and Conditions during his activities in whole period within which he or she holds an Account with SDT.

01.3. SDT reserves the right to change or alter these General Terms and Conditions, and specific game rules at any moment. Any changes shall be notified to players who shall have to accept changes made to the Terms and Conditions. When a player, as a consequence of possible changes, no longer wishes to use the services of SDT he is free to cash out his balance if any is available and to close down his Account.

01.4. The contractual relation between the registered player and SDT is subject to these General Terms and Conditions and by the legislation of Malta.

02. Account rules

02.1.  Every player who registers for an Account with SDT needs has to be 18 years or older or the minimum age required to gamble in the jurisdiction where he or she is resident.

02.2.  Access to the Site and / or use of  products and services offered through the Site may be illegal in some countries. The Web site does not constitute offer, solicitation or invitation by the SDT to the use of betting or other services in the countries where such activities are illegal, such as, but not limited to, the United States of America.
Is responsibility of costumer  to ensure that you act in accordance with the laws of the country in which it is located in the moment in which it opens an account and / or uses the products offered by the SDT.  User certifies that the game is not illegal in territory in which he resides. Each person should make sure to act legally in the country where he is at the time of subscription as SDT as well as individual customer at the time of execution of the bet through our website.

02.3. Players that open an Account at SDT and who start playing, agree with these General Terms and Conditions and thereby confirm that they:
– do not act in the interest of a third party;
– do not play with money or resources derived from criminal activities or criminality as such;
– do not use credit cards, bank Accounts, debit cards or any other payment method of which they do not hold the right to use or have not been attributed user rights thereto;
– will not try to hack the website, games, or any other element of SDT and also will not misuse any of the programme code in any r way;
– do not take part in, or organise possible criminal activities that harm SDT or any of its subsidiary companies and/or players.

02.4.  If a player acts in deviation of the rules under 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3, SDT shall close down the Account and confiscate all remaining balances on the said Account.

02.5.  The player remains solely responsible to act within all legal restrictions in the jurisdiction where he or she resides. This holds for the legal age, as well as for any other legal restriction.

02.6.  Before opening an Account at SDT, a potential player needs to truthfully fill out the online application and read and accept the General Terms and Conditions as laid down by and are presented on websites of SDT.

02.7.  The player needs to fill out personally, correct information at the moment of registration. At the same time, a player needs to keep his personal details ‘up to date’ and correct them when changes occur (such as: new bank Accounts, changes in Politically Exposed Person Status, credit cards or e-mail addresses). The player undertakes to ensure that all the information provided is correct and recognises that he may be liable for fraudulent actions should he provide fraudulent or incorrect information. Players have to ensure that a valid home address, email address and or telephone number is provided upon registration.

02.8.  A player can open only one Account. Furthermore, the Account opened by the player is the only Account he or she can use to play. It is prohibited for players to sell, transfer and/or acquire Accounts to/from other players.

02.9.  SDT can decide to reject an application for an Account, or close down an existing Account, at its own will and without any further justification. If an Account is closed any contractual obligation between the parties shall be fulfilled.

02.10.  All Accounts opened at SDT process and support only transactions in Euro (€).

02.11.  No interest is paid over the balance of the Account, no matter the value of this balance and notwithstanding any legal duty to pay any such interest as required by any law in any jurisdiction.

02.12.  It remains at all times the responsibility of the player to register his profits and to file these to the official institution that registers income tax or revenue tax as may be applicable in any jurisdiction where any player may be liable to pay tax.

02.13.  During registration for an Account, a player picks a personal user name and a password. The password can be changed at all times after the registration process is completed.

02.14.  User names and passwords are personal matters and each player acknowledges that he shall not disclose his user name and password to anybody or carry out such acts which may result in third parties getting to know such information. The player acknowledges that he shall not write down such information in any way or record such information in any way which may ever be accessible to any third party. At the same time, SDT advices Account holders not to leave the computer while logged on to the network of SDT, in order to prevent misuse by third parties. SDT also advices new players to choose a user name and a password consisting of a minimum of six characters, including a variation with numbers. SDT cannot be held responsible for misuse of the Account by third parties.

02.15.  As soon as a bet is placed under the user name and password of the player, the bet cannot be recalled and is seen as sprung from the player which holds to that particular user name. The bet and the result of the bet become irreversible. Each bet made is therefore considered to be an acceptance of an offer which would have been made by SDT and each bet placed is therefore a contract which is valid, enforceable and which gives rise to all legal effects under the laws of Malta.

02.16.  SDT is hereby granted the right to investigate the identity of all players when considered necessary. In this case, SDT will request a player to provide documents which prove that his or her identity corresponds with the identity used for the Account of the player. Examples of such documents are: stamped (colour) copies of passports or drivers licenses, Bank Accounts statements, debit cards, bank references, utility bills, or any other references that might be applicable at that particular moment.

02.17 When an Account of a player is inactive, SDT reserves the right to charge an inactive account fee for 5.00 EUR or equivalent amount in the currency of the betting account per month. The administrative charge will be imposed on the betting account of the player.
“Inactive account” means a player’s account which has not recorded any log in and, or log out for 12 consecutive months.
Players who have an active exclusion will not be considered towards the inactive period. Only after the exclusion period has ended will the inactive time start counting towards inactivity.
All registered players will be notified at least 30 days before the player’s account is due to become inactive, and players will be reminded of the consequences thereof, including any fees that may be charged in connection therewith. Holders of inactive accounts may instantly reactivate their accounts by logging in/ logging out or withdrawing the funds within this 30 days’ time window without incurring any fees.
The first fee for inactive accounts starts on the 12th month of inactivity. Monthly fees for inactive accounts will be deducted until the betting account balance reaches zero.
Players reactivating their betting account by not later than three months from when the last fee was incurred are entitled to a refund of the inactive account fee incurred on request.
If players cannot be located and the player does not reply to our contact attempts within 5 consecutive years of being inactive, SDT will appropriate any leftover balance to internally fund its responsible gambling endeavors.

02.18. An Account will be obligatory verified:

– Within 30 days of opening the account;

– When a player deposits or withdraws over two thousand euros (€2,000.00) in total;

– When a player uses a credit card for a deposit.

02.19.  A player remains entitled to a permanent or temporarily closing down of the Account, in case he or she wants to be protected against excessive or problematic gaming. The balance on a player’s Account will need to be withdrawn before the Account is closed permanently.

03. Payments, Bank transfers and Withdrawals

03.1. The winning amount for each bet, with system method (COUPON ID) cannot exceed  Euro 70,000.00 (seventy thousand). The maximum payout on bet column may not exceed Euro 30,000.00 (thirty  thousand).

03.1.1  The minimum bet in sports betting is Euro 0.50 (fifty cents).

03.1.2  The maximum bet in sports betting is Euro 500.00 (five hundred).

03.1.3  The maximum payout for single or double bet is Euro 5,000.00 (five thousand).

03.1.4  The maximum payout for multiple bet (triple, quadruple, etc..) is Euro  30,000.00 (thirty thousand).

03.1.5  The maximum payout daily for each customer amounted to Euro 70,000.00 (seventy thousand).

03.1.6  In case of winning multiple bets on the same game account repeated the company will pay exclusively the first bet made.

03.1.7  The company, for winnings exceeding Euro 10,000.00 (ten thousand), reserves the right to make payment in more transfers weekly to a maximum amount of Euro 10,000.00 (ten thousand) each.

03.1.8 For Italian customers the maximum payout per bet allowed is 10,000 € (ten thousand euro). The sum of identical bets also with different ID to wheel system and to single column, however, may not exceed € 30,000 (thirty thousand Euros) for a single user. The maximum amount of winning bets identical even with different ID to system combinations, however, may not exceed € 70,000 (seventy thousand euro) for a single user. The maximum winning amount for each Virtual Terminal (including all users) to identical bets in total may not exceed the ceilings of EUR € 70,000 (seventy thousand euro). In case of higher payout, the Company will respond of winnings that fall under the ceilings. If achieving and exceeding of limits is by means of a new coupon identical it will be considered cancelled even if previously accepted by the Company. Sogno di Tolosa Ltd will respond of the winnings exclusively in relation to the ceilings of this paragraph and in accordance with Italian Law 190/2014 paragraph 644 b.

03.2.  Before making a deposit to your (real money) Account at SDT, you first need to register for an Account and verify the Account via the e-mail you will receive after the process of registration. Once your Account has been approved and verified, you are able to deposit funds into your Account at SDT. SDT shall not charge any processing fees when funds are deposited.

03.3.  A player is able to deposit at SDT via Credit Card, bank transfer or any other approved method offered by SDT. The name on the credit card or the name of the bank Account holder should be identical to the name the player entered when registering for an Account. When the names do not match, the deposit will be rejected and the money will not be credited to the player’s Account. Possible costs related to the rejection, will be subtracted from the amount that was entered as the value of deposit.

03.4. The minimum deposit is Euro 10.00 (ten). The maximum amount to deposit is Euro 2,000.00 (two thousand) subject to a player’s identity first being verified by SDT.

03.5.  Making a deposit to your Account at SDT is only allowed for placing bets/playing in SDT. SDT is a subject person at law and therefore has an obligation to observe Anti Money Laundering regulations. Therefore any suspicious activities be it at deposit or withdrawal stage or any activity that is not deemed to be in the normal course of business will be reported to the competent authorities. This could lead to the freezing of balances in the Account and to the eventual closing down of the said Account with confiscation of the Account balance.

03.6. Casino promotions in the form of (monetary) bonuses will from time to time be placed in the casino Account of the player. These bonuses cannot be withdrawn from the casino Account, but need to be wagered in the casino games. A bonus granted to a player needs to be wagered within 30 (thirty) days, unless written and modified terms have been communicated to the player.

03.7.  It is not possible to transfer funds from the Account of one player to the Account of another player.

03.8.  A player can log onto his Account 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The player is able to see an overview of all transactions, such as bonuses, deposits, profits, placed bets, and withdrawals. If a player is of the opinion that the overview contains a mistake, then he needs to immediately formally notify SDT, so that the mistake can be reviewed and if necessary adjusted if SDT are satisfied that there is an error. A player always needs to notify SDT within 90 days from the moment of the first appearance of the error.

03.9.  A player can choose to withdraw the balance of his Account at any time.

03.10. The minimum amount to withdraw at SDT is Euro 10.00 (ten) via Credit Card or other approved method offered by SDT . The maximum amount to withdraw  is Euro 10,000.00 (ten thousand)  a day.  Before a request for a withdrawal can be granted, the customer service of SDT will request a player to prove his identity via copies of (legal) documents and proof address indicated in this document.

03.11.  SDT strives to handle all withdrawals within 4 days. This implies that SDT does not hold back the money and that a transfer to the bank or players credit card is made within 72 hours. The player accepts that transfers through the bank can result in several days before the money is credited to the bank Account or the credit card of a player and SDT have no control on the amount of time each respective bank or service provider take to place money into the player Account once SDT have placed the instruction with the bank, credit card provider or other payment solution provider .  The parties accept that this is a banking process over which SDT has no control, and that therefore any payment processes are the sole responsibility of banks which the player hereby acknowledges and accepts.

03.12.  Players can credit their Account via Credit Card, bank transfer or any other approved method offered by SDT. No cash deposits are accepted. As soon as the clients payment is processed this will be visible to the client in his Account with SDT. SDT have no control on the amount of time each respective bank or service provider take to process payments so cannot give an exact time as to when your deposit will be available on your Account. We though do not expect this to take more than a working day.

03.13 If a player decides to deposit money through the use of a credit card he needs to identify himself at any time so requested. In order to identify himself, he needs to send a copy of the front and the back of the credit card to SDT. Regarding the front copy of each card, the first 6 and the last 4 digits must be visible. As for the back, the last 4 digits of the card must be visible, the CVV code must be covered and the card must be signed by the holder. Since January 1, 2010, the Malta  Gaming Authority obliges players to do so, in order to prevent credit cardholders from misuse of their cards. We will block the Account and withhold all payments until the documents have been received and approved by SDT. This is a one-time process per credit card registered.

03.14. A player can only request withdrawals in the exact same manner as the way he made a deposit. In the long run, verified and regular players can change these particular settings with the specific approval of SDT management on a risk based approach.

03.15.  A player  needs, in case of a request for a withdrawal, to be able to identify him or herself once SDT requests so. This is necessary when the player needs to identify him or herself as the actual player which registered for the Account.

03.16. A player requesting a withdrawal of two thousand Euro (€2,000.00) or more needs to identify him or herself at the first withdrawal. Once the Account has been verified, the player can withdraw unlimited money without identifying himself before the withdrawal, but, in exceptional cases, re-identification may be needed.

03.17.  A player, who wouldn’t have placed any bets, cannot withdraw any money from the Account. A player always needs to have placed at least several bets before he or she is able to withdraw the money.

03.18.  A player can rest assured that when a deposit is made from his or her bank Account, the money will be credited to the Account. In case of a delay we continue to provide a 100% guarantee that the money won’t ‘get lost’ in our system.

03.19.  SDT reserves itself the right to withhold or delay a withdrawal request when or in case of:
– A player did not identify him or herself or the credit card used for a deposit.
– A player did not enter correct/full information about the player’s personal details.

03.20.  If a player temporarily closes his Account whilst withdrawals would be pending (i.e. without having been approved), these withdrawals will only be approved once the Account would be reopened by the player.

03.21. SDT shall retain monies in inactive or dormant Accounts for a maximum of 30 months subject to these terms and conditions. After 30 months SDT shall attempt to refund Account balances to the players. If attempts to return these Account balances are unsuccessful the monies shall be forfeited and passed on to the MGA.

03.22. Players shall in no way treat SDT as a financial institution nor expect interest on their deposits.

04.Betting rules

04.1.  A bet can only be placed by a player with an approved and Account at SDT.

04.2.  A player can only place a bet while making use of an internet connection and through the software provided by SDT.

04.3.  A bet can only be placed by a player with sufficient balance (credit) Account at SDT to place the bet concerned.

04.4.  The bet shall, once placed, be subject to the General Terms and Conditions of SDT, which are in force when the bet is placed.

04.5.  A bet is accepted if a player receives a confirmation of the said bet by SDT on his computer or on any other device which provides access to SDT.

04.6.  The player confirms that he or she will not have any knowledge about the outcome of any game on which bets will be placed, and that the player will not take any measures to influence the outcome of the said game. Any breach of this term will result in the bet being placed being fraudulent and will subject the player to both civil and criminal action as may be necessary. In the case of SDT suspecting a player breaking these rules, SDT reserves the right to freeze all funds in the player’s Account and furthermore withhold any payments or withdrawals. At the same time, SDT holds the right to take further (legal) actions as may be necessary in order to safeguard its rights and interests.

04.7.  The right to reject bets and wagers without further notice to the player remains reserved to SDT.

04.8.  All game rules of games provided by SDT, as well as explanations of the games, pay-outs at tables, minimum bets and maximum bets, are always published and visible on the websites of SDT. The player undertakes to read all the relevant rules of the game and the relevant explanations before betting and playing.

04.9.  If for any reason whatsoever bets in a certain game are not processed, the complete value of the bet will be returned to the player’s Account.

04.10.  If SDT decides to close a player’s Account, all placed bets will continue to be valid and possible benefits or profits from these bets will continue to be paid out.

04.11.  A bet which is already placed and accepted, cannot be changed, cancelled or withdrawn by the player.

04.12.  A mistake or error in relation to the placed bet or bets won’t have any influence on the validity of the bet. Once the bet is accepted, the player cannot change or alter the bet he or she has made. It is therefore the responsibility of the player to ensure that all bets entered into from his or her Account are correct and represent the player’s wishes at the moment in time.

When SDT notices an error in the pay tables it shall retain the right to cancel all bets whether single or multiple and to cancel all winnings that may be attributed to players due to this error. The bets in such cases will deem to have never taken place and players Account will be credited back the monies they had placed on the original bet

SDT may suspend, terminate or cancel all bets be they single or multiple,  or games in the event of an obvious human error or technical malfunction to the software or hardware or if any game and or event is placed under investigation for fraud, corruption, collusion or any suspected criminal activity.

In the event that the irregularity or criminal activity is confirmed SDT reserves the right to cancel all bets and take any action at law allowed to SDT to protect its interests.

SDT also reserves the right to cancel all winnings attributed to any player whre the use of ROBOTS is suspected.

04.13.  When a player places a bet, he acknowledges that he has read thoroughly through the General Terms and Conditions and that he read the game rules and what is meant by the different rules which SDT put on their website.

04.14.  SDT manages the Account and calculates the value of the balance and available credit, credit in use during game play, and the profits made during game play and bets. Unless proven otherwise these figures are considered to be precise and accurate.

04.15.  The player is fully Accountable and responsible for the bets he places online or on the internet. SDT will never ask a player about the relevance or correctness of a bet placed. SDT hence can never be held responsible for mistakes made during the placement of bets, including mistakes related to the value of the bet, or type of bet (e.g. colour, cards, number, etc.), of the selection made by the player.

04.16.  Profits made during game play will be paid out by SDT to the Account of the player once the final result is confirmed and approved. SDT reserves itself the right to freeze profits in case of a necessary investigation of the results of the game, as a consequence of suspected criminal activities that might have influenced the game. In case of a confirmation of the illegal actions SDT reserves the right to declare all bets and wagers void and to take all the necessary steps available to it at law to protect its interest.   In such a case no gains will be distributed, and the value of the money which would have been wagered will be credited back to the Account of each player.

04.17. In the case of SDT suspecting a player is using multiple Accounts to place his or her bets, and when the Accounts have been opened unlawfully, all bets will be declared void. SDT reserves itself the right to proceed with further steps, if deemed necessary. The player hereby acknowledges that operating multiple Accounts, or colluding with other players in order to place concerted bets is unlawful and represents fraudulent action, and SDT will therefore carry out all civil and criminal actions which it may deem necessary in order to safeguard its interests.

04.18.  If a bet, which is higher than the maximum bet that is allowed for a game or on the table, is accepted unjustly, then the amount above the maximum of the bet will be ignored and returned to the player. The bet will be placed according to the rules for the maximum bet on the table.

04.19.  SDT offers a live casino and live casino games which are supported by live streaming. Due to the quality of the games, a certain minimum bandwidth is required for the perfect performance of the games as well as for the active participation in the games by the player. We strongly recommend for players to only take part in the live casino if the necessary bandwidth is available for an optimal performance of the casino games. SDT will take no responsibility for any errors which may occur due to insufficient bandwidth being used by players.

04.20. Collusion between players or the use of BOTs (Robots or devices used to distort the normal cause of play) is prohibited. Any players suspected of collusion or using BOTs on the site shall have their Account suspended.

04.21. The dates and times of events offered by the company Sogno di Tolosa Ltd are indicative. The odds prematch of events that differ from time schedule of Sogno di Tolosa Ltd remain valid if played before the start of the event itself, the ones played after the start of the event will be considered void and set at an odds of 1.

05. Aborted games

05.1.  In case of failures in the hardware of a player or in case of disruptions in the internet connection after a bet is placed and accepted by SDT, a bet will remain valid and will be processed by the system. The player will be able to check the result after establishing a new connection and once he logs in to his Account.

05.2.  If there is a failure in the hardware or internet connection of a player during Live Blackjack, and the game is paused or interrupted when a player has less than 16 points, the dealer will automatically draw cards until the total of points is above 16 to 21 points. Possible profits from these games will be credited immediately to casino Account of the player. Once the connection is aborted and a player does not communicate for 2 or more minutes with the system or dealer, no bets will be placed any more, and the system will remove you from your seat in the live casino.

05.3.  If an error occurs in one of the systems of SDT before a result is calculated after a bet, all bets will be declared void and paid back (credited) to the Accounts of the players who would have placed a bet.

06.Responsible gaming and gambling

06.1.  A player at the SDT can determine his or her own deposit limits for a certain period of time or time span.

06.2. Before possible limits of a player are raised, limitations are uplifted, or the blockade of the Account is made undone, a cooling down period of twenty-four hours is necessary before the request can be processed. Requests for lower limits or requests for a renewal of the period of exclusion will enter into force immediately.

06.3.  A player can request a limitation of the money he is willing to maximally lose during a certain period or time span and may also set session times to limit the amount of time that the player plays.

06.4.  A player is able to lock his Account for a defined or undefined period when he no longer wishes to gamble/play in the casino or place bets in the sports book.

06.5.  When regulation 4 is in order, a player will not be able to open a new Account before his cooling down period has ended. New Accounts will be closed and the balance will be frozen, with the unjustly received welcome bonus being subtracted from the said sum. Once the locked Account is opened again, after the cooling down period, the games will once again be available for the player.

06.6. If a player closed his or her Account permanently, then the Account cannot be reopened instantly. The player needs to specify why he wants to reopen the Account and provide his consent via a signed and written application. A cooling down period of seven days is necessary before the request can be processed. Nevertheless, SDT reserves the right not to open the said Account should it feel that such Account should not be opened for any reason whatsoever.

06.7. To protect the player from negative consequences we advise to consult “Responsible Gaming” page on our websites.


07.1.  All images, text and illustrations as shown on SDT are intellectual property of SDT. Misuse of the logo or use of the company house style without consent of SDT, will lead to full legal proceedings against the person infringing these rules or against any person helping, aiding or abetting such person in making illicit use of such intellectual property.

07.2.  All contents of the websites of SDT and all URLs that belong to this domain are property of SDT. Every unauthorised reproduction or use/misuse of these URLs and/or contents of the website will lead to full legal proceedings against the person infringing these rules or against any person helping, aiding or abetting such person in making illicit use of such intellectual property.


08.1.  SDT can only be held liable in case of fraud carried out by the management or its employees.

08.2. SDT is not responsible for the services, pages, content of websites that from time to time link to SDT.

08.3.  SDT is not responsible for the consequences of major events, such as strikes, terrorist activities, political crises, war, and the meltdown of communication networks due to overload or disasters, which cause the network of SDT to be less accessible by internet of any other device.

08.4. SDT cannot be held liable for the consequences of malfunctioning hardware or software, under our management or contracted out, with regard to the complete or full accessibility of services of the site with the use of an internet connection or a telephone.

08.5.  In case of a mistake made by SDT or in case of fraud carried out by SDT in relation to these General Terms and Conditions, the compensation for the player will never be higher than the available balance of the Account of the player or the value of the placed bets that have been influenced by the mistake or negligence.

08.6.  If one or more paragraphs of these General Terms and Conditions are declared invalid by a competent Court of law, then the remaining General Terms and Conditions will keep their validity.

08.7.  These General Terms and Conditions form the complete agreement/contract between SDT and the player and replace all previous written or verbal agreements communicated by (an employee of) SDT.

08.8.  SDT accepts no liability at all for damages to a player or a third party that directly or indirectly evolves from an error, printing error, malfunctioning of the software of the SDT website or one of their partners and/or affiliates.

09.Privacy Policy

09.1. SDT treats your personal information and the data provided to us in order to be able to manage our relationship. We manage any personal information you provide to us (either through the website of or through any other similar means) and are kept by us in relation to you in the manner specified in Privacy Policy on our websites Data Protection page.


10.1. SDT will at all times try its utmost to offer a pleasant and hospitable stay in the site. Our hospitality is the main focus and service is a key part of our work. If, however, you as a player feel uncomfortable or unhappy about the quality of our product or the service we offer via our customer service, then we would like to hear from you. For any complaints please communicate with us through [email protected] and indicate which part of our service did not meet your expectations. Our customer support will revert to you in the shortest time possible. SDT is an online business and handles all of its communication with players on line.
Note: In the case of a complaint, the management will be notified immediately and they will take the complaint seriously and try to settle the problems. However, if you are still dissatisfied, before taking any other steps, your dispute should be submitted either:
• to EADR Limited (ADR entity) which will provide alternative dispute resolution services. You can make a compliant, through EADR Limited, here: More information on procedures is available here: The effect that the decision of the ADR entity is binding on both parties
• or to Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform, which will provide alternative dispute resolution services within the EU. More information is available here:

11. Bonus and Promotions

11.1. All promotions, bonuses or special offers are subject to promotion-specific terms and conditions and any complimentary bonus credited to your Account must be used in adherence with such terms and conditions. We reserve the right to withdraw any promotion, bonus or special offer at any time. If you participate in a promotion, you must not cash-in before fulfilling the requirements and rules of that particular promotion, as set out on our website. If a customer abusively maintains several Accounts, any credited bonus amounts shall be cancelled and subtracted from the original customer Account.

12. Proper Law and Jurisdiction

12.1.  The player submits exclusively to the law of the main place of operation of SDT, namely Malta.

12.2.  The player hereby agrees that any disputes which may arise between the player and SDT shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Malta.

12.3. If SDT publishes Terms and Conditions in any other language the English version shall prevail over any other language.

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