EX Aequo Rule.

In case of equality between two or more competitors, applied odds will be equal to the odds of acceptance divided by the number of participants on an equal footing.

For example, if two competitors with the odds of 3.00 and 2.00 achieve the same result (both are winners), the final odds will be 1.5 (3.00 / 2) and 1.00 (2.00 / 2).

5.1 – For betting purposes, fights officially start after the bell is sounded for the first round.

5.2 – If a fight ends in a draw (X) and the draw price has been offered, only bets on the draw will be settled as winning, all the other bets will be set as losers.

5.3 – If the fight doesn’t take place within 7 days from the scheduled date, then all bets will be voided and set to 1.00.

5.4 – Further details on bets accepted on this sport are outlined in these rules.




5.5 – 1X2 BOXING
Users have to predict the winner or tie at the end of the match.
Symbol Meaning
1 – Home team wins
X – Event finishes in a tie
2 – Away team wins